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Vendemiatti has completed multiple art projects of his own and in collaboration, being the recipient of several art grants, awards, sponsorships and scholarships. Find below a chronological view of events.


2021 - Awarded the Creative Makers Grant by the Gemeente Delft with "Wortelstok" music performance.

2020 - Restricted to teaching classes and workshops online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2018 - Joined Simon Shaheen & Qantara Ensemble in concerts as a violinist at Roulette Hall (New York), the Smithsonian Museum (Washington D.C) and Berklee College of Music (Boston).

2017 - Formed collaborative performance group BiL, with students and faculty from Berklee and Boston Conservatory, and other Boston artists.

2016 - Joined Berklee's Media Development department as a multimedia editor and associate producer.  

2015 - Awarded scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, US.


2014 – Awarded the Denilton Gomes Award for research and dissemination with “DesObra Dejavu” by Viver Nucleo de Dança, São Paulo, Brazil. 

2014 – Artist in Residence, collaboration with Marcos Abranches for the creation and performance of “Avessos” at SP Escola de Teatro, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2013 – Awarded the Fomento a Dança Grant for the circulation of “Desobra-Dejavu”, directed by José Maria Carvalho.


2013 – Collaboration in “Corpo sobre Tela” awarded the Denilto Gomes Dance Award.

2013 – Composer and Performer for “Way of Seeing” shown in multiple venues, including Centro Cultural São Paulo, SESC Pinheiros, and SESC São Carlos.

2013 – “Tronco no Véu” performed in Piracicaba (Teatro Erotides de Campos), Campinas (UNICAMP), Botucatu (Teatro Municipal de Botucatu) and São Paulo (Teatro Sérgio Cardoso).


2012 – Awarded the Fomento a Dança Grant for “KAZE – Ventos”, with art direction by Toshi Tanaka.


2012 – Awarded the PROAC Grant for the production and circulation of “Tronco no Véu” in the state of São Paulo.


2012 – Awarded Grant from the 5th COMGAS Sociocultural Fund for research and creation with the Dança Acontecimento project.


2011 – Awarded the Fomento à Dança Grant for the research and creation of “DesObra – Dejavu”, with art direction by José Maria Carvalho.


2010 – Awarded the Fomento à Dança Grant for the research of “O corpo em devir".


2009 – Awarded the Fomento Grant for choreography creation with "Era infinitamente maio – obra em negro, branco e rubro – Urutu branco Episode III".


2008 – Awarded the Funarte Klauss Vianna Grant for "Era infinitamente maio... - Tatarana lagarta de fogo Episode II".


2006 – Performed “Tabus” at SESI de Piracicaba, with artist Greice Arthuso and art direction by José Maria Carvalho.

2006 - Started training in contemporary dance and Feldenkrais Method with Greice Arthuso in Piracicaba, Brazil.


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