As a musician, dancer, and movement educator trained in multiple practices, I integrate movement as the foundation of instruction in performing arts and wellness. 

I work with children and adults sustaining health as they develop performance level and reach their potential.

My life as a musician began at age four when I begged my parents to give me a guitar. At age 5 I began individual and group lessons, and at about the same time my brothers and I were learning capoeira. My father found me at age 7 experimenting with the berimbau stick and the guitar. He suggested I try the violin. As a child who loved music, I wanted to play all the great music of the world, and progressed through training to playing professionally at a young age. By the time I was 13 years old I had played so many weddings and concerts, I began to develop intense pain in my neck, shoulders, back, and wrists. For many of my early years, I sat in orchestra before my feet could touch the floor – no wonder my body was stressed. I began to lose interest in violin lessons, but struggled to make that choice. I felt very fortunate for all I had been given. 


First on my own and then with my family, I began to study yoga. For the first time at age thirteen, I experienced a contemporary dance performance and discovered a new passion. I began intensive study of dance, through which my teacher introduced me to the Feldenkrais method. As soon as I became a dancer, I found new ideas for how to express my music through dancing, and how to incorporate many other aspects of performance into my work. Throughout my years of dance performance I delved into many forms of body movement education, culminating in 8 years of study with Toshi Tanaka in Seitai and Do-ho (including a 3 month residency in Japan) and certification as a Feldenkrais Master Practitioner through the Mind Body Studies Academy founded by Mia Segal and directed by Leora Gaster.


As a young musician I was not pushed, but created my own pressure, propelled by love of music and a desire to create beautiful work. Through my own experience, I learned that investment in the development of a close relationship with one’s body enhances performance and wellness. Understanding how you function and how you move builds a foundation for sustained work and freedom to express oneself. Cultivating the inclination to be curious – to ask questions, to discover patterns and disrupt habits – can create pathways to creative exploration, experimentation, and joy.

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