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On 19th December 2021, the Wortelstok project awarded the creative makers incentive by the Gemeente Delft, has presented a music performance by multi-instrumentalist musicians Onno van Tongeren, Johannes Stark and Juliano Vendemiatti. Exploring the sounds of ancient musical instruments as well as contemporary ones, they draw inspiration from various music traditions from around the world. Watch the video below!

About the performers: 

Juliano Vendemiatti

Born in Brazil with Italian descent, Juliano Vendemiatti studied violin at the Ernst Mahle School of Music of Piracicaba, and later at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and at the Codarts University for the Arts in Rotterdam. A multi-instrumentalist musician, interdisciplinary artist and somatic educator with diverse experience in dance and video projects, Vendemiatti emphasizes the values of accessibility and democratization through integrative artistic and educational projects.

Onno Van Tongeren

Onno van Tongeren was born in the Netherlands. He started as a flutist in the experimental music scene of Rotterdam, where became fascinated by African percussion. He took lessons with various African masters including Aly Camara, Kaloga Traoré and the legendary master drummer Arafan Touré. As an autodidact, he learned to play many musical instruments, including the lyre, the mbira and the qanun. He is involved in building wooden sound objects, thumb pianos, zither-like string instruments, immerses himself in various ethnic and contemporary types of music, and writes contemporary compositions.

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