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Juliano Vendemiatti is an interdisciplinary artist and somatic educator. With diverse experience in music, dance and video projects, Vendemiatti emphasizes the values of accessibility and democratization through integrative artistic and educational projects.  

Born in Brazil with Italian descent, Vendemiatti studied at the Ernst Mahle School of Music of Piracicaba, and later at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and at the Codarts University for the Arts in Rotterdam. He has been exploring and practicing music and movement, inspired by the works of Moshe Feldenkrais, Mia Segal, Leora Gaster, Haruchika Noguchi, Toshiyuki Tanaka, José Maria Carvalho, and many others. 

Vendemiatti is a certified Master Practitioner in Feldenkrais Mind Body Studies, with over a decade of experience teaching both music and movement studies workshops in several countries, including USA, Netherlands, Germany, India, Japan, Italy and Brazil.



Vendemiatti has completed multiple art projects of his own and in collaboration, being the recipient of several art grants, awards, sponsorships and scholarships. Find below a chronological view of events.

2022 - Recipient of Creative Makers Grant by the Gemeente Delft with the "Crossing Oceans" music project. Presented at the Microtheater in Delft, in collaboration with Ivan Vendemiatti, Juliano Abramovay and Tarang Poddar.

2021 - Recipient of Creative Makers Grant by the Gemeente Delft with the "Wortelstok" music project. Presented at the Delft Kabel District, in collaboration with Onno van Tongeren and Johannes Stark.

2019 - Music project "Brasil à Deriva" presented in São Paulo, Florianópolis and Piracicaba, Brazil. Collaboration with brother Ivan Vendemiatti, George Crotty, Marcelo Portela and Eduardo Vidili

2019 - Joined the Turkish Music studies program at Codarts Rotterdam.

2018 - Joined Simon Shaheen & Qantara Ensemble in concerts as a violinist at Roulette Hall (New York), the Smithsonian Museum (Washington D.C) and Berklee College of Music (Boston).

2017 - Formed collaborative performance group BiL, with students and faculty from Berklee and Boston Conservatory, and other Boston artists.

2016 - Joined Berklee's Media Development department as a multimedia editor and associate producer.  

2015 - Awarded scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, US.

2014 – Awarded the Denilton Gomes Award for research and dissemination with “DesObra Dejavu” by Viver Nucleo de Dança, São Paulo, Brazil. 

2014 – Artist in Residence, collaboration with Marcos Abranches for the creation and performance of “Avessos” at SP Escola de Teatro, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2013 – Awarded the Fomento a Dança Grant for the circulation of “Desobra-Dejavu”, directed by José Maria Carvalho.


2013 – Collaboration in “Corpo sobre Tela” awarded the Denilto Gomes Dance Award.

2013 – Composer and Performer for “Way of Seeing” shown in multiple venues, including Centro Cultural São Paulo, SESC Pinheiros, and SESC São Carlos.

2013 – “Tronco no Véu” performed in Piracicaba (Teatro Erotides de Campos), Campinas (UNICAMP), Botucatu (Teatro Municipal de Botucatu) and São Paulo (Teatro Sérgio Cardoso).


2012 – Awarded the Fomento a Dança Grant for “KAZE – Ventos”, with art direction by Toshi Tanaka.


2012 – Awarded the PROAC Grant for the production and circulation of “Tronco no Véu” in the state of São Paulo.


2012 – Awarded Grant from the 5th COMGAS Sociocultural Fund for research and creation with the Dança Acontecimento project.


2011 – Awarded the Fomento à Dança Grant for the research and creation of “DesObra – Dejavu”, with art direction by José Maria Carvalho.


2010 – Awarded the Fomento à Dança Grant for the research of “O corpo em devir".


2009 – Awarded the Fomento Grant for choreography creation with "Era infinitamente maio – obra em negro, branco e rubro – Urutu branco Episode III".


2008 – Awarded the Funarte Klauss Vianna Grant for "Era infinitamente maio... - Tatarana lagarta de fogo Episode II".


2006 – Performed “Tabus” at SESI de Piracicaba, with artist Greice Arthuso and art direction by José Maria Carvalho.

2006 - Started training in contemporary dance and Feldenkrais Method with Greice Arthuso in Piracicaba, Brazil.

2005 - Created and performed original music for Imperador Amarelo theater performance.

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