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Lessons and Mentoring 

Using music, creative expression, and movement, Juliano encourages individuals to develop their skills and achieve their personal goals. Our programs are designed to foster growth and promote overall well-being.

Student's Testimonials 

- Robin Pringle – Artist and Educator, M.Ed. degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education – Boston, US

“I turned to Feldenkrais work as a pathway to healing the neurological damage and chronic pain of advanced Lyme disease. The exploration of learning through mind-body connections held promise for further recovery from cognitive and physical impairments. When I came to Juliano for lessons I began to make progress in a very focused way. After many years of illness I also sought to restore some joy to my life – I love to move! Juliano is an excellent teacher – his unique in-depth knowledge of many movement modalities, including Feldenkrais and Seitai, combined with his experience as a dancer have allowed me to pursue both goals, and integrate a therapeutic process with creative growth. His encouragement of exploration and discovery extend the value of the work far beyond routine exercise.

Within a short period of time I noticed many changes in my ease and range of movement – bending, reaching, kneeling, turning my head – that made everyday work less effortful and more fun. Over the past 8 months I have been able to return to activities I had not been able to do for some years – long walks, riding a bicycle – without pain. The work has also opened the door to new creative horizons with dance. Juliano’s patient yet disciplined teaching, building practices of self-awareness and mind-body connections through movement education, has had more wide-reaching effects as well, supporting processes of decision-making and design I engage with as I rebuild my work and life with a commitment to wellbeing.

I highly recommend Juliano’s teaching for anyone interested in movement as a foundation for wellness and healing, for building creative processes, and for reaching potential. His breadth of knowledge and experience brings uniquely flexible and creative depth to movement education. It is a joy to learn with him!”


- Mike Block, Grammy Award-Winning Cellist, Singer, Composer, and Educator – Boston, US

“Juliano Vendemiatti has been an informative, caring, and sensitive guide into the practice of Feldenkrais. As a musician, building body awareness and coordination is always valuable in the development of our technique, so that we can become freer to be expressive and connect with our audience. Juliano's regular group sessions at Global Musician Workshop were a welcome relief amidst a long day of rehearsals, enabling participants to check in with their bodies and rest. Juliano created a meaningful space for a diverse group of people to connect with each other during class, sharing experiences and discussions around the application of Feldenkrais. I enjoyed the experience so much, I was inspired to learn more, so I followed up with some individual sessions. I would highly recommend Juliano to anyone interested in learning how to benefit from the Feldenkrais Method."

- Roland – Spijkenisse, Netherlands

“I really enjoyed Juliano’s workshop. Afterward, it felt like I was a child learning, playing, and exploring my body. It was a new experience and I enjoyed it a lot.”

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