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Juliano’s lessons offer his in-depth experience drawn from various artistic and somatic education approaches including Yoga, Martial Arts, Seitai-ho, music, dance and Dr. Feldenkrais’s philosophy of movement and learning, for application to everyday living. 

Each class is focused upon:

·       Improving quality of movement, therefore quality of life

·       Increasing attunement to oneself and the environment

·       Developing understanding of the skeleton as basis for effective movement

·       Applying your physical and mental capacity for ongoing improvement and exponential learning

·       Re-programing habits of thinking by changing patterns of movement

·       Learning to use non-habitual patterns, enabling you to use your untapped resources

·       Using your brain in a regenerative and ever-learning mode.     

Continue reading for more information on our current offerings. In case you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.