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Cia. Vidança is a dance company founded by Marcos Abranches, choreographer and dancer with choreoathetosis, a rare physical disability resulting from a brain injury. It is important to know that the founder has normal intelligence and uses his own disability as a study reference for the construction of his artistic body language, being the only Brazilian choreographer with cerebral palsy to propose a study on contemporary dance.

Corpo sobre Tela

Inspired by the life and work of the Irish painter Francis Bacon, Corpo sobre Tela ("Body on Canvas") is a solo created by dancer Marcos Abranches.

Forma de Ver

Way of Seeing reflects the relationship among contemporary dance, Bliss communication and the audiovisual within the particular movement of each dancer.

We often consider disability as a cultural antithesis of healthy and fit body. Therefore, the question arises about what happens when a disabled person performs in the role of dancer: can the integration of disabled bodies in contemporary dance result in a disruption of our preconceptions about professional dance?


Artist in Residence, in collaboration with Marcos Abranches for the creation and performance of “Avessos” at SP Escola de Teatro, Sao Paulo, Brazil 

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